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What is the Lake Anasagunticook Association (LAA)?

The Lake Anasagunticook Association, founded as the Canton Lake Association in the fall of 1988, was formed to ensure development on the Lake consistent with the preservation of the quality and beauty that the residents and summer visitors had experienced and wanted to maintain for the future.

Currently, the Association supports: Water quality testing for clarity, temperature, and oxygen content. Fundraising that in the past has included helping build the dam. Identification training and searching for aquatic invasive plants that can clog a lake and make boating and swimming impossible. LakeSmart, a non-profit education and outreach program that rewards lakefront homeowners who manage their land to protect water quality and help identify ways that they may better develop their property to reduce or prevent lake pollution. This program is free, non-regulatory and voluntary. 

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LAA Board of Directors

Mike McClusky - President

Tim Bernard - Vice President

Diane Ray - Secretary & Treasurer

Tim Kirwan - Past President

Biff Atwater - Director

Wesley Barry - Director

Rob Bihlmeyer - Director

Bill and Carolyn Gray - Directors

Paula Marsters - Director

Tom Ryan - Director

2018 By-laws of the Lake Anasagunticook Association

Lake Anasagunticook

2024 Board Meetings

April 14, Sunday 6 pm

June 9, Sunday 6 pm

July 14, Sunday 6 pm

August 4, Sunday 6 pm

To receive a Zoom Link, email:

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