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Lake Anasagunticook is a spring-fed 600-acre,  50-foot deep lake located in the towns of Canton and Hartford, Maine.  (Click here for lake facts) The lake is used for recreation purposes, including boating, swimming, and fishing, and is a source of drinking water for the town of Canton.

The Lake Anasagunticook Association (LAA) is a public, non-profit organization founded to bring together property owners and others who care about Lake Anasagunticook.  The LAA addresses topics related to preserving and protecting the lake as a natural resource.  Membership donations and fundraisers primarily fund its work.  The organization distributes a newsletter to its members, friends, and interested parties; holds periodic board meetings; celebrates Lake Days every summer; and holds an annual meeting.  Members collect data on water quality and check the lake for invasive plants, and they played a large role in fundraising for the 2012 Dam Project.  The LAA participates in the Maine Volunteer Lake Monitoring Program (MVLMP) and board members are active in the Maine Lakes Environmental Association and Lake Stewards of Maine

In May, 2019 The Lake Association conducted a watershed survey.  (FMI please see our Watershed Grant page.)  A watershed survey can serve one or more of three primary functions:


1) collect information on present or "baseline" conditions;

2) identify potential sources of pollution; and

3) track changes in water quality and land uses over time for the detection of long-term trends.


These efforts by several volunteers helped create our survey results which will help the LAA and the towns of Canton and Hartford in their efforts to ensure the health of our lake. You can view the Survey here.  For more info regarding the background for the survey you can view the April LAA Newsletter.

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